Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Cars 2023

If your friends often gather in your car or you drive your pet along on long trips then you must be familiar with pet’s nausea or accidental spills that result in deep-set stains or spilled drinks or sticky greasy mess on your car mats or carpets.

Because your pets can get sick anywhere and your friends can accidently spill drink on upholstery anywhere. To counter these situations, one should have the Best portable carpet cleaner for cars’ on the go.

Sometimes these stains can be easily removed with simple sprays or a wipe. The rest of the time, some old sticky stains or greasy spots would need deeper cleansing and that’s where you need to figure out about the type of stain and the best solution in form of a carpet cleaning product that can sort your issue.

But fret not, as there are some very good portable carpet cleaning products from sprays to foaming kits to portable vacuums and even beyond. 

Majority of carpet cleaning products are all-rounder and help in cleaning upholstery, seats, mats, dashboard and carpets of the car with versatile features in them.

These products work by heating, steaming, sucking or scrubbing the stains depending on the intensity of each scar.

We considered all the basic parameters and did our research to provide you with a list of the best portable carpet cleaners for cars so you won’t have to keep regretting by wasting your money on unworthy items. Have a look at these products.

Hoover Cleanslate Plus Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner; FH14051

Our first recommendation is a 4.8 star rated carpet cleaner with multiple modes of cleaning that include tools for every kind of mess. Hoover FH14051 can clean all the tough stains including mud, pet, wine and coffee and many more messes.

This multipurpose cleaner can be used for upholstery, carpets and even for areas out of your car like stairs, floor or anywhere at home. It efficiently cleans up spills when they happen.

Its bristle bottom allows cleaning carpets, upholstery and even the couch while the rubber nub option allows deep pile carpet cleaning.

Hoover cleanslate’s lightweight makes it conveniently portable. And its tool kit completely covers all 3 parameters of deep cleaning suction, spraying and scrubbing. 7″ wide path tool is specifically meant to clean wider spaces like stairs and tight spot tool cleans tough spots anywhere in your car or home.

Best Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

This other portable spot cleaner has more than 4.2 stars rating on Amazon because of its durability, lightweight and extensive accessibility to hard-to-reach areas. Its removable water tanks can carry as much as 64 ounces of liquid so you keep cleaning with sufficient water.

They are easy to fill and empty. Its hose size is 5.5″ which is comparatively smaller than a hoover.

Yet rug doctor claims that the suction power for extracting mess is 2X stronger than its market competitors which makes it an extraordinary cleaner for any kind of deep-set stains or greasy spots. 

Moreover, it neutralizes odors as well. Again it’s carpet friendly wheels work well on deep pile carpets and it’s reachable to any narrow corner of your space with its handy monitorized brush producing 1200 movements per minute.

Rug Doctor spot cleaner is also a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used at home, office or your automobile easily.

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser; 2837 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Cars 

Bissell pet stain eraser is featured as amazon’s choice for carpet and upholstery cleaner. This one is a cordless pet stain eraser with a powerful dirt lifter brush which enables it to suck very finest hairs of your pets also.

Even with its cordless technology, the cleaner has a very extended run time which allows you to clean for as long as feel sated.

Its instant stain removal speciality is intended towards mess specifically by pets yet this doesn’t refrain it from extracting other messes, spots and stains.

As bissel’s mission is to save and protect homeless pets therefore the machine is targeted to clean pets’ created stains.

To add icing on top, two OXY formulas are included in the deal that instantly removes tough pet stains, embedded dirt, spills, messes and more.

And the best part is that this machine is perfect for grab and go especially for planned trips to avoid any mess on the way.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner; 3194

This smart machine is again from Bissell but it’s more smarter and feature-full then previous one. It’s more versatile and a big performer.

Bissell claims this smart guy is their most powerful carpet cleaner that is portable too.

Its compact design allows easy storage and convenient portability. It’s more intended to clean tough and tight stains and spots especially messes by pets.

It has super suction power that deeply extracts mud, pet or any other spill stains.

This quick solution machine can easily reach those areas that your heavy vacuum can’t so it can be considered as a handy replacement to your vacuum in some scenarios.

It comes with a trial sample of professional formula that ensures a permanent new look to your carpets.

Moreover, it has a deep suction tool, a deep stain tool that works simultaneously by scrubbing and brushing and then extracting the mess away.

The best part is that Bissell not only cleans the mess generated by pets yet it saves the homeless pets too.


The Best Cleaner kits & Sprays; Budget-friendly yet Worth the Bucks!

Super Multi-purpose Cleaner ; CarGuys Super Cleaner

If you want a complete cleaning of your car spending less of your budget than this 5 star rated cleaning kit including a super cleaner and a plastic restorer is ideal.

It can be applied to several parts of a car including fenders, bumpers, door panels, engine bay components, steering wheel and anywhere in the interior or exterior of your vehicle. As per reviews it’s worth the money and every user really admires this kit.

And usage of this kit is also quite easy and impressive, just spray the cleaner anywhere you want to clean and scrub it with a scrub or cloth along the package.

It will protect your car with UV guard and with this combo, the vehicle can easily survive rainy or harsh climates and avoid surface aging.

Chemical Guys Drill Brush Kit – For carpet & Upholstery Cleaning!

Again a top-rated kit that removes dirt, odors and deep-set stains with Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo for complete precise detailing results.

Its oxygen infused cleaners and fabric clean’s foaming action extracts set-in stains by lifting and separating dirt particles and stains within carpets and upholstery to give a precise finest look to your automotive interior.

The drill attachment for the carpet cleaner works quite smoothly and powerfully to eliminate the messy spots so you don’t have to waste your energy on it.

The product reviews are completely in favor of giving this one a try claiming this kit is worth the money and time.


We have generated this list of  portable carpet cleaners for cars considering the reviews provided on Amazon website which proves the authenticity of each product and its claims.

All of these kit products are almost versatile enough to be used for complete upholstery and car interior and exterior. Moreover, the carpet cleaners can be a replacement for vacuums at times of quick cleaning.

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