How To Vacuum Deep Pile Carpet

When you have a deep pile or high pile carpet at your place, you know it feels extremely cozy and that’s why it’s winter’s first love.

As much as these high pile carpets are comfortable, they are hard to clean. If you are looking for an answer to ‘How to Vacuum a Deep Pile Carpet?’ then you are at the right place.

The deep pile carpets have loose, fine and tall fibers that make the cleaning process much more complicated. The fibers extensions are almost as high as  ½ inch to ¾ inch. This much length of threads makes the carpet super fluffier, softer, and cozier but extremely complicated for cleaning processes.

As the Vacuum’s suction power rises higher and higher when it’s hard to push forward. The extended thread fibers block the air suction for Vacuum.

Let’s see what are the options we have, to Vacuum the high pile carpets.

Vacuum a deep pile carpet; Way Out!

With these recommended suggestions, you can enjoy a comfy clean deep pile carpet at less traffic areas of your house. Without having any difficulty cleaning the carpets.

Reduce the Suction

If your vacuum is not clearly removing the dirt and debris from your carpet then this might be happening because of increased suction power and suction-cup effect to your vacuum.

Make sure to reduce the Suction power before vacuuming a deep pile carpet.

   Increase the height

Another major step is to ensure an increased height of your vacuum. Mostly, vacuums have settings to make adjustments to its height. By doing so, the vacuum cleaner’s wheels lift up and vacuum doesn’t dig in the carpet threads and allows air to pass through. With this secret one can easily vacuum a deep pile carpet.

  Brushroll and a turbo brush

An ideal vacuum for deep pile carpets should have a brushroll and a turbo brush. Additionally, it should be able to adapt to different surface types.

Most of the vacuums have two options, one specified for bare floor and other for carpets and rugs. Once your vacuum is well-adjusted height-wise and airflow is normal then vacuum will certainly dislodge all the debris from your carpet fibers.

Some other ways of cleaning deep pile carpets:

Besides vacuuming, steaming can deeply clean your high pile carpet. But you have to do it regularly. Steaming can actually remove sticky greasy stains from carpet.

It’s the best solution for deep cleansing to have a bacteria-free carpet under your foot. Steam works by loosening the dirt stuck in fibers or grease within piles .

To prevent bad odor that originates from bacteria, steaming can kill those bacteria too. Market is full of such health ensuring carpet steamers or steam mops with carpet attachment.

 Summary; Vacuuming a deep pile carpet!

If your vacuum has all the adjustment features then set its height according to the carpet. This means the highest pile. Next run it across carpet to see if it’s not digging into fibers or it’s allowing air to pass across or not.

If the height of the vacuum is ordinarily extensive then adjust it down. You’ll be able to see the brush strokes on the highest carpet pile and that’s your accurate adjustment. In this setting, the vacuum can be easily pushed backward or forward making cleaning easier.

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