Best Vacuum for Deep Cleaning Carpet 2023

Carpets of all varieties require deep cleaning, otherwise, over time they become magnets for accumulating layers of dust and dirt. With a vacuum that does professional-grade deep cleaning, you can keep your carpet looking new.

Besides, the right vacuum cleaner also improves the air quality of your indoors.

Therefore, you need a vacuum that is powerful enough to reach down to clean the fibers of your carpet, while being gentle not to ruin it.

To avoid disappointment later, it is advisable to do a little research and then invest in the machine that works best for you.

Based on market research and customer reviews, we have curated below a list of the top 3 vacuums for deep-cleaning carpets:

Best Vacuum for Deep Cleaning Carpet 2023

Shark Apex AZ1002 DuoClean

Key Specifications

Type: Upright

Weight: 16 pounds

Dirt Capacity: 1.65 liters approximately

The Shark Apex AZ1002 DuoClean vacuum cleaner offers deep and fast cleaning for all types of carpets.

With its versatile build, you can use it as either an upright or canister unit and take it under furniture whenever needed. Detaching the canister also makes it lighter.

Its LED headlights are an amazing feature that helps you see hidden debris. Besides picking up large debris, this device powerfully vacuums fine dust and other particles as well that stay trapped inside, thanks to its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Thus it helps you maintain high indoor air quality.

The Zero-M Technology in this Shark machine self-cleans the brush roll as you vacuum. It effectively removes human and pet hair, so you can continue cleaning without having to stop to detangle the brush roll.

Another useful feature of this vacuum is its 30-foot cord. This long cord helps you clean many areas without using an extension or repeatedly plugging into a different power socket.


+ Ideal for all carpets

+ Spots of hidden debris

+ Delivers clean air

+ Good at getting under furniture

+ No hair tangles

+ Lower noise


– Expensive

– Faulty roller

– Emptying creates a dust cloud

iRobot Best Roomba 675 Robot VacuumBest Vacuum for Deep Cleaning Carpet 

Key Specifications

Type: Robot

Weight: 6.77 pounds

Dirt Capacity: 0.6 liters

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), this bestselling vacuum offers a new level of convenience. If you have little time to manually clean all carpeted areas daily, this robot is your best option.

Just connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, and through the iRobot Home App or Google Voice Assistant, order the robot to vacuum! It’s also compatible with the Amazon Alexa device.

This premium Roomba customizes its operation according to the cleaning schedule you’ve set. It detects dirt and gets easier to hard-to-reach areas of your carpet under furniture that you might find difficult to clean with a conventional vacuum.

The batteries take 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and afterward this vacuum can run for 90 minutes. In the end, it docks and recharges its batteries automatically.

After a vacuuming session, it is also easy to clean. Plus, maintenance cost runs around just $33 a year. All these features make the Roomba 675 one of the best value robots on the market for deep cleaning carpets.


+ Budget-friendly

+ WiFi-enabled

+ Dirt-detect

+ Good at getting under furniture

+ Great for low-pile carpet

+ Long battery life


– No virtual wall

– Absence of a rubberized brush roll

– Basic navigation

Bissell Zing Canister Bagless Vacuum, 2156A

Key Specifications

Type: Canister

Weight: Less than 8 pounds

Dirt Capacity: 2 liters

If you rather prefer a more manual vacuuming experience, this bestselling Zing vacuum from Bissell is one of the best available options. Given its lightweight, you can conveniently carry it in one hand, while vacuuming with the other.

This machine operates with cyclonic action and has powerful suction for cleaning your carpet thoroughly. Its inner filters help capture dust and fine particles better, so it also helps you improve your indoor air quality.

Being bagless is the special feature of this vacuum cleaner. This means that you don’t need to keep buying and replacing dust bags. Instead, it comes with a dust cup that you can detach by just pressing a button, and empty easily.

Besides, this Bissell model has a 15-foot power cord, which rewinds automatically when you touch its button so you don’t have to wrap it.


+ Cheap

+ Great suction

+ Maneuverable

+ Easy-clean dust cup

+ Easily retractable cord

+ Washable and reusable filters


– Noisy

– No latch to attach the hose extenders with the floor tool

– Not great for medium and deep pile carpets

Buying Guide

Before buying a vacuum cleaner to deep clean your carpet, you need to keep certain factors in mind, otherwise, the investment could go to waste. The following are the important features that will help you with making your decision:

Ø Suction Power

This is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind while buying a vacuum. Suction power directly has to do with cleaning ability.

Unlike hard floors, dust and dirt penetrate carpets of all varieties and become encrusted into their inner fibers over time. Thus, for carpet vacuums specifically, it becomes even more important to have the high suction power to reach down to the very fibers of the carpets and pull out the accumulated matter for a thorough clean.

Yet, the machine’s suction should be gentle enough to not ruin expensive high-pile carpets.

Ø Reach

Reach is also a very important factor to consider when buying a carpet vacuum. However, the reach of the vacuum is different for corded and robotic vacuums.

A corded vacuum’s reach depends largely on the length of its cord. A long cord saves you from the hassle of unplugging the machine from a power outlet and re-plugging it into another one as you move to a different area. Alternatively, you don’t need to use an extension with such a long enough cord. This becomes especially important if you have a large house or extensive carpeting, or few power outlets.

In addition, the hose length also affects the corded vacuum’s reach. If you need to use the machine in less accessible corners, a long and flexible hose will be helpful.

For a robotic vacuum, the reach translates into virtual mapping. An expensive robot that can map virtually makes a sophisticated floor plan and reaches everywhere accordingly. Contrarily, a vacuum with a random cleaning pattern doesn’t provide you with the surety that every corner of your carpet has been vacuumed every single day.

Ø Maneuverability

For maneuverability of a non-robotic vacuum, first, make sure that the device is not too heavy. If it is, it will make it difficult for you to move it across carpets, especially high-pile ones that offer more resistance to the mobility of a machine.

Also, pay attention to the size of the vacuum’s wheels. If they are small, they may get entangled in the fibers of the carpet, and cause the machine to get stuck midway! Small wheels are also more difficult to drag behind, so their use for a long period may become tiresome.

For easier maneuverability, the solution is to buy a large-wheeled model that will move effortlessly through your carpet pile.

Contrarily, a robotic vacuum is self-propelling, so you don’t have to worry about maneuvering it effectively around your home.

Ø Versatility

Before selecting a vacuum cleaner to purchase, think about all the surfaces you will use it over. In case you need it only for cleaning carpets, buy one whose features are specifically meant for this purpose.

However, if, besides carpets, you need a vacuum to clean tiles, hardwood, furniture, and draperies, pick a more versatile model. Such a vacuum will have additional accessories designed to cover all your needs.

On the other hand, robotic vacuums, by default, work both on carpets and varying floor surfaces. However, they don’t all perform equally well on high-pile carpets and on dark floors.

If you will need your robot to vacuum different types of carpets and/or transition between carpets and floors of any color, ensure that your device is versatile and compatible enough.

Ø Stain Removal

Traditional vacuum cleaners as well as robotic ones clean carpets only by vacuuming action. However, if you also need to remove stains from coffee, pets, etc.

These special carpet vacuums scrub the fabric with a specific cleaning product, vacuum the liquid waste and deliver a deep clean. These devices are not suitable for surfaces such as wood, though.

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