How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

Clean living space is an obsession for many of us. Isn’t it? Well, if you count yourself relatable then this informational post is absolutely made for you. We know one of the best floorings that demand less regular cleaning and is definitely long-lasting as well. Hardwood floors have gained lots of praise and popularity over time. It’s a one-time investment to enhance the attractiveness of your space.

We have compiled some of the most effective ideas for How to deep cleaning hardwood floors that will increase the life of your flooring. And in this post, we are going to share all about hardwood floors .

Hardwood Floors Perks!

Hardwood floors are the best in plenty of perspectives. For instance, these floors add aesthetic value to our spaces. The life of wooden floorings can be maximized with comparatively lesser care than you have to do to other carpeted floorings.

If you have someone allergic to pollen or an asthma patient at home, then hardwood floors can be a suitable choice for you because these floors improve the air quality inside your house.


Daily Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning; What’s the difference?

When we hear this term, Deep Cleaning; it’s not what we regularly do and the concept is actually pretty different. And this difference matters to those obsessed with cleaning.

The daily cleaning routine may involve just putting things back in their places, removing the obvious debris from the floor by any means, and vacuuming on the go. Maybe sometimes dusting the floors. But the difference lies in not pre prepping for cleaning and not even intentionally focusing on excluding all the dirt and debris from the floor.

And that’s where the deep cleaning enters. While deep cleaning your space, one has to buckle up for removing even the tiniest of trash in the gaps of your floors and not just floors but also every inch of your house.

Focusing on the main point that how to deep clean hardwood floors, one has to pre-prep by not rolling up the sleeves but gathering all the essential stuff that is needed for deeply cleaning a hardwood floor. Fret not, as we are here to enlist those pieces of equipment and formulas too.

How often should a hardwood floor be deep cleaned?

Well, this entirely depends on one’s intensity of daily cleaning as well as the trafficking. The rooms that are used more often need cleaning more often too. But that can be encountered with vacuuming regularly.

Experts suggest a deep cleaning round once a month to ensure hygienic condition. And to increase the life of hardwood floors, one should coat a finishing polish for a period of  every 5, 6 months as the floors receiving direct sunlight can fade or change the color with constant heat and light absorption which may not be something that you are looking for.

So it’s better to spend a little on keeping it good rather than investing in a whole new floor.

Deep Cleaning Products for Hardwood floors

Before heading straight into the procedures of deep cleaning hardwood floors, I’ll share some of the best products that you’ll surely need for the process. We just checked Amazon for a few trusted items and it actually worked wonders. 

  •       Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Kit

A complete solution kit for your hardwood floor is offered by Bona Ultimate hardwood floor kit manufacturers. The kit covers all the essential elements required to deep clean the floor gaps, any greasy mess, stains or spots from your floor with little effort.

The kit includes a mop with 4 piece handles and a large premium mop head, two microfiber cleaning pads by Bona, a microfiber dusting pad designed to catch maximum dust and lint and fine pet hairs too. The reusable pads can be washed and used more than 500 times.

Moreover, the kit also includes a full size Bona hardwood floor cleaner spray and a full size refill too. And additionally, it contains a polish in full size just in case you plan to go a little extra with your cleaning procedures.

  •       Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Well, there’s no need for any more product after the kit mentioned above as it is a complete deep cleaning package. But another mop that Bona has introduced is worth considering.

The Mop is an all-in-one solution in itself as everything is integrated in one mop to provide you with an ideal cleaning experience.

The spray mop is safe and secure for different wooden floors finishing. Its wide mop head provides more speedy yet cleaner results. The machine includes an easily refillable cartridge and reusable microfiber pads that can be easily washed in machines.

The mop is designed with rubber corners that avoids any damage to the furniture. Moreover, a retractable hook is added to mop for easy storage.


These two products are sufficient to follow the procedure that we will be guiding you now.


Deep Clean Hardwood Floors (step by step)


To start off, first make sure to collect all the stuff dispersed over the floor so you do not get interrupted during the cleaning procedure.


  1. Step 1_  Clear the floor and apply dry mopping or sweeping for the first part. A simple handy broom brush can do the initials quite well. But that will leave dust in gaps and corners that’s why dry mopping is an essential. Bona kit offers a mop with removable dusting pads that just catches all the dirt and debris exposed on the floor surface layer.
  2. Step 2_ Once dry mopping is complete, look for the spots, greasy stains or spills left on the surface because that’s what is going to be fixed now. Apply a wet mop pad over the floor to ensure the clean and clear flooring. You’ll notice a clear difference and a sense of clean floor under your feet. And Boom! The dust is all gone.
  3. Step 3_ The task is not yet over. The gaps between your flooring or the edges and corners or even the leftover stains have got next turn. Now use Bona deep cleaning spray over the spots or fill the spray mop bottle with suggested proportions of water and formula and mop it on stains. This quickly eradicates all the leftover greasy stains or the fillings in the gaps or any spill from last week’s drinks.
  4. Step 4_ Examine the floor for any remains and surely there will be none left.

Tips to Remember:

  •  Check out the consistency of the formula before applying on the floor, it should be as per suggested proportions by manufacturers.
  • Never flip any of the detergents directly on hardwood floors. This spilling of any formula can harm the whole floor.
  • If your floor is exceptionally having gaps in boards then a brush with fine bristles should be swept across board for the first step.
  • Always mop in the boarding directions of your hardwood floor.


Hardwood floors are easy to clean and restore even if it gets out of your hand. Make sure to deep clean your floor every once a month and this little care will give you a long lasting floor.




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