How Often Should You Mop Tile Floors

Everyone who has an exquisitely polished tile floor seems cautious about keeping it clean. And that’s important if you want your tiled floor to retain its sparkling shine forever. As we know that tiles can last longer in comparison to any other flooring type. Therefore, we are here to answer on behalf of our experience; And the simple, crisp, and common answers are, regularly. But mostly flooring manufacturers suggest that wet mopping should be applied once a month or in case of high traffic spaces, once a week.

What to consider before mopping the floor?

In general, the answer depends on three parameters;


The space in your house that is used most frequently, demands more often cleaning. For instance, the home lounges, baby rooms and kitchens, and baths. 

Mopping Techniques

Secondly, there are two types of mopping that include dry mopping and wet mopping. Dry mopping should be applied more often as much as regularly. While wet mopping is enough even once a month. But areas that have faced more trafficking should be wet mopped once a week or as per requirement.

Sort of Floor

Thirdly, the type of flooring matters a lot. Each type of floor demands a separate procedure and detergent. As specified, tiles need less soap and a little amount of detergent, and plenty of warm water to sparkle.

How to mop tile floors?

If you want your tiled floor to last longer then it’s quite necessary to follow a proper cleaning and mopping procedure now and then.

Dry mopping is necessary for the routine of cleaning your home. It pushes the debris or dust to the exit point. If your house is not stuffed with lots of people then it’s fine to wet mop your house once a month. But there are exceptions. And these include gatherings at your place or having a pet, such scenarios demand wet mopping after dry mopping.

Here is a proper step-by-step process and strategy that you should follow while mopping.

Steps to follow:


  •  You only need a brush/broom or sweep to dry mop your tiles, especially ceramic or porcelain. Make sure to declutter the finest debris or dust from the edges and corners.
  •  Tiles do not need fancy detergents for a cleaner look. Any soap or detergent or even simple plain vinegar can work wonders. Just use plenty of warm water to rinse the mop and exclude the excessive water.
  • Add a little amount of any detergent or soap to warm water in a bucket. Just dip the washer mop into this bucket and again rinse the mop until it appears damp and not soaking.
  • Just mop it on tiles and afterward mop the same floor with another mop washed only in warm water to remove the leftover detergent from the floor.



Although, you can use any detergent or soap for cleaning your tile floors. But never apply the detergent directly to the floor. Rather, make sure to mix it in warm water and then use it. Detergents can damage the tiles, when applied directly, in the form of scratches.












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