Robot Vacuum vs  Stick Vacuum

We know you are confused with the purchase again. And this time, it’s more serious than ever; Robot Vacuum vs. Stick Vacuum!

Fret not! We have got you all covered with our understanding of the latest improvements in vacuums. And we are here to simplify your choice by briefing you about the perks of each Vacuum.


What are Robot Vacuums?

Robot Vacuum is the modern face of vacuums. These are designed to attract and cover your individual capacities completely autonomously. Thus, robot vacuums bring you cleanliness to the comfort of your couch with its automatic functioning. You just need to sit back and relax while the robot vacuum makes your space tidy.


Pro’s of Robot Vacuum:

    Automatic Mode:

Robot vacuums are specialized in automatically cleaning the dirt and debris over hard floors and carpets.

    Scheduling Convenience

The perk of having a robot vacuum is that you can use it quite often without wasting any energy or time. One can link this helpful robot vacuum to a smartphone and  schedule time for cleaning on a schedule.

    Provides Ultra-comfort

Robot Vacuum were made for supreme convenience and that’s what they are known for. Just schedule them and let your work be in the robot’s hands.

    Baby Holding robot vacuums

Some robot vacuums are designed with the capacity to hold a baby over it on the top plain surface. This has made more people love it because of its amazing feature that allows a baby to move alongside. 


Cons of Robot Vacuum

    Eliminating the potential obstacles:

Before letting your robot vacuum do its job, decluttering the space; that you want to be cleaned is quite essential. Besides dirt and debris, anything left on the floor can harm the robot.

What are Stick vacuums?

Stick vacuums are comparatively commonly used these days. These directly translate into cordless, lightweight vacuum that are less noisy and least frustrating. Stick vacuums are the modern face of upright vacuums, where mainly the debris bag has changed from a large head to a small pouch.


Pros of Stick Vacuum


Improved technology has vanished the cord connections while cleaning and same is the case with stick vacuums.


Stick Vacuum are light weight as the larger counterparts and bin heads are eliminated from this series.


Stick vacuums are easy to use and convenient. A single touch and easy feature selection results in complete cleanliness.

    Fast, easy and precise cleaning

With stick vacuums, one can precisely clean stairs, edges and corners and even walls. It’s more serious with its suction capacity and better cleansing.


Cons of Stick Vacuum

    Battery run time

The sticks offer a limited run time, depending on batteries. Its cordless feature is a strength and a weakness, all in itself.

    Physical Involvement

One has to physically involve and perform action personally. Thus if you are not interested in cleaning your space by yourself then a robot vacuum might help you.


Summary; Robot Vacuum vs Stick Vacuum!

Summing up with a viewpoint that either one chooses a robot vacuum or a stick Vacuum, an individual’s physical involvement has its set place. The only difference is that one needs to declutter the space and schedule the robot vacuum when using it for assistance and on the other side, a stick vacuum will help you do the job more precisely.


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